Bitcoin Mining Containers

Giga Boxes are modular data centers built for bitcoin mining.
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3D Rendering of Giga Box
Giga Boxes are thoughtfully designed, reliable, and safe bitcoin mining containers.
Built by miners, for miners.
Interior of Giga Box container

Plug & Play

Network equipment, power cables, and filters are all pre-installed for you.


Shelving and electrical equipment are sized specifically for your miners.

Speedy Delivery

Giga Boxes are fabricated in the United States with no tariffs or unexpected delays.

Specs & Sizes

Giga Boxes typically come in three different sizes, but we can easily design for custom requests!


450 kW


1100 kW
Shipping container
20 FT.
40 FT. HC
Main breaker
600 A
1600 A
24-Port PDUs
6 PDUs
16 PDUs
1 Year Warranty
ASICs Capacity
S19 series
120 units
320 units
M30S series
120 units
320 units
NEC & CEC compliant
415 / 480 compatible
Custom main disconnect
Custom distribution panel
120V auxiliary transformer
Power cables included
Smart PDUs
Air Flow & Filtration
10 Fans
20 Fans
Air Flow
188,000 CFM
376,000 CFM
MERV 8 Filters
32 Filters
64 Filters


450 kW


1100 kW

Fabricated in Beaumont, Texas

Giga Boxes are made at our manufacturing facility in East Texas. Tours are highly encouraged!
Fans on exterior wall of Giga Box
The Giga Boys standing at the ready
Giga Box interior during fabrication
Bundle and save.
MicroBT Whatsminer M30S++

Wholesale ASICs

Purchase low-cost bitcoin mining hardware at competitive prices from a broker you can trust.


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Low Voltage Transformer


The ideal transformer for your bitcoin mine to convert your power from 480V to 415Y/240V.
Bitcoin mining equipment


PDUs, power cables, electrical disconnects, distribution panels, shelving, and more.