Methane Mitigation for a Sustainable Future

Methane Mitigation

Giga is reducing global methane emissions by capturing stranded natural gas to operate modular data centers.

Energy Infrastructure for the Digital Age

Electrical Equipment

Giga offers a full line of switchboards & transformers that meet applicable UL, NEMA, and DOE standards.

Energy Infrastructure for a Resilient Grid

Bitcoin Mining

Giga builds and operates large flexible load data centers across North & South America.

Energy Infrastructure for Power Systems

Power Systems

Giga designs and manufactures equipment for power generation and heat transfer applications worldwide.

Giga Energy designs, manufactures, and operates energy infrastructure for methane mitigation, electrical systems, bitcoin mining, and power generation.

Methane Mitigation

Giga is reducing global methane emissions by capturing stranded natural gas to power modular data centers for energy-intensive computing.

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less methane


less VOCs


less CO

Global Operations

Flaring is a pervasive issue worldwide. Giga Energy aims to eliminate flaring on a global scale, with our current operations strategically located in North America & South America.

Safety Commitment

We make safety our highest priority. Giga is committed to operating responsibly and safely, while preventing harm to our employees, contractors, local communities, and the environment.


Giga is dedicated to environmental stewardship and the well-being of our local communities. Our operations reduce CO2-e emissions by 69% and limit harmful compounds such as CO, NOx, and VOCs.

Electrical Equipment

Giga Energy™ offers a complete line of low voltage switchboards and distribution transformers designed to meet or exceed applicable ANSI, NFPA, and IEEE standards.

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UL 891 Switchboards

With voltage ratings up to 600V and breakers up to 6300A, our switchboards are designed to safely distribute power to industrial and commercial loads while protecting branch circuits.

High Quality Construction

Built to the highest quality and safety standards with premium components from trusted brands.

Fast Lead Times

Industry-leading production timelines averaging only 9 weeks from order to delivery.

Customizable Design

Flexible design options to precisely tailor the construction for your specific requirements.

Robust Warranty & Support

Comprehensive warranty and dedicated support team for timely after-sales service.

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Efficient and reliable transformers for industrial energy distribution, available in customizable specifications.

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Bitcoin Mining

Giga has years of experience building and operating in-house mining operations since 2019, with 150 MW+ of containers deployed in a wide array of conditions across the globe.

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Giga Box Air™

Plug & play air-cooled bitcoin mining container designed for ultimate reliability and simplicity with powerful exhaust fans and high quality components.

Plug & Play

Every container includes pre-installed networking equipment and cabling to start mining on day one.

Powerful Air Flow

Industry-leading exhaust fan density which generates up to 369K CFM of total air flow.

Integrated Electrical System

Built-in NEC compliant switchboard featuring Schneider main disconnect and feeders.

Simple & Clean Design

An efficient and effective design with organized cabling and professional layout.

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Giga Box Hydro™

Hydro-cooled bitcoin mining container designed for Whatsminer M33S & M53S miners with a 100% redundant cooling system, integrated dry cooler, and quality components built for reliability.

Enterprise-Grade Design

High-grade materials and sophisticated engineering design systems to deliver years of reliable service.

Integrated Dry Cooler

Pre-installed, closed-loop, stainless steel cooling system rated for 45°C ambient temperatures.

Redundant Cooling System

N+1 redundant primary water pumps with an auxiliary pump to maintain constant system pressure.

Smart Monitoring & Controls

15” HMI display & Siemens PLC to monitor & control flow, conductivity, pH, pressure, TRT, and temperature levels.

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Power Systems

Explore our comprehensive range of power system solutions, including natural gas generators, industrial radiators, and generator enclosures. Each product is crafted for peak performance, durability, and efficiency, meeting the diverse needs of modern industrial applications.

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Generator Sets

Our natural gas generator sets provide a stable and efficient power generation solution, designed for robust performance and operational longevity. They are well-suited for a wide range of industrial applications.
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Our industrial radiators are engineered for optimal thermal management in demanding environments. With high-efficiency cooling and durable construction, they are an essential component for maintaining the performance and longevity of industrial machinery.
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Our generator enclosures are designed for superior protection and noise reduction, enhancing the durability and operation of your power systems. Constructed with robust materials, they offer reliable shielding in various industrial settings.
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