Giga Box

Customizable bitcoin mining data center made in Texas

Power capacity
350 kW - 2 MW
Air Flow
188-376 kCFM

By Miners For Miners

Giga Boxes are designed for efficiency and simplicity.

A better way to send money.

Plug & Play

Network equipment, power cables, and filters are pre-installed for you to start mining on day one.


Shelving and electrical equipment are sized specifically for your miners. We're happy to fulfill special requests.

Quick Lead Times

We fabricate Giga Boxes in the United States with no tariffs and rapid turn around times.

Built Texas Tough

Built to withstand the toughest conditions

Giga Boxes are carefully designed to protect miners in the most inhospitable environments. Our containers have been successfully deployed in the dust bowl of West Texas, the swamps of Louisiana, and the snowy plains of North Dakota.

  • Powerful fans to keep miners cool

    Our exhaust fans pull 188,000-376,000 CFM of air through your miners to ensure they stay cool on the hottest summer days.

  • MERV 8 filters to protect from dust

    Our air intake is sealed in with a wall of 4-inch thick MERV 8 filters designed to catch the tiniest bits of debris, dust, and pollen.

  • Louvers and filters to block out rain and snow

    Rugged slats block out rain in the windiest conditions. Specialized snow filters are available for customers in cold environments.

The Details


Giga Box specs depend on the model and quantity of miner you are using. Orders are fully customizable, so don’t hesitate to make special requests!

Frequently asked questions

Made in Beaumont, Texas.

Our skilled team of electricians, mechanics, and fabricators work hard to ensure you receive the highest quality product possible.

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Giga Box

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