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Giga has everything you need to mine bitcoin in the oil field.
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Giga Box sitting at Blueprint Energy gas well
Your one-stop shop for off-grid bitcoin mining.
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Reliable natural gas generator packages designed specifically for plug & play off-grid bitcoin mining
Interior of Giga Box container


Customizable, plug & play bitcoin mining containers designed for rugged efficiency and simplicity
Giga Box interior filled with Whatsminer M30S

Wholesale ASICs

Low-cost bitcoin mining hardware at competitive prices from a broker you can trust

Oil Field Expertise

We have the operational know-how to ensure your off-grid mining operation is a success from day one.


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Plug & Play Package

Zero-hour engine, generator, radiator, muffler, oil field skid, and digital controls are all included in a ready to go package.

Low Cost Power

Operating costs are less than $0.005 / kWh and each engine only requires four service intervals each year.

Dependable Uptime

Engines are rated for 900-1400 BTU, with a useful life of 50,000+ hours and a one year warranty.


Plug & Play

Network equipment, power cables, and filters are all pre-installed for you.


Shelving and electrical equipment are sized specifically for your miners.

Speedy Delivery

Giga Boxes are fabricated in the United States with no tariffs or unexpected delays.
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Wholesale ASICs

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Vetted Supplier Network

Our global network of reliable hardware suppliers make it easy to procure ASICs at the lowest costs available on the market.

White Glove Logistics

Giga manages all the logistics and delivery to ensure your miners are 100% insured en route and arrive on time.

Response Support

We'll hold your hand through the buying process all the way from sourcing and shipment to delivery and warranty.

Oil Field Expertise

We have the operational know-how and end-to-end experience to ensure your off-grid mining operation is a success from day one.


Using your natural gas volume, flow rate, pressure, and intermittency, we work with you to find the best generator size for your specific location.
Giga Box sitting at Blueprint Energy gas well


We evaluate your natural gas composition (BTU) to adjust your generator fuel systems, carburetors, and timing to ensure optimal efficiency.
Giga Generator V16


We will work with you to ensure compliance with all air permitting requirements by adding necessary catalysts or SCR systems.

Based in Beaumont, Texas

Giga was founded in 2019 with a focus on building and operating flared gas bitcoin mining projects.
Giga Box interior with power cables and ethernet cables plugged in
The Giga Boys standing at the ready
Giga Generator skid

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