Bitcoin mining for E&P companies

Reduce emissions and increase revenue by selling your stranded or flared natural gas.
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Reduce Emissions

Stop flaring your gas to meet to regulatory requirements and reduce carbon footprint.

Sell Stranded Gas

Boost production and make supplemental income by selling unmarketable gas.

Drill Exploration Wells

Drill new wells without waiting to build out expensive pipeline infrastructure.

About Giga Energy

Giga was founded in 2019 by a team of young Aggies to build and operate flared gas bitcoin mining projects. We're based in Beaumont, Texas.
Giga Box sitting at Blueprint Energy gas well
The Giga Boys standing at the ready

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Gas Purchase Agreements

Giga independently funds the project and operates our equipment at your well-site. We purchase your gas, without any investment or risk for your company.

Partnerships & Joint Ventures

Giga works with your team to structure a deal that best fits your interests. We're open minded and willing to find unique ways to form partnerships.

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