Wholesale ASIC miners

Purchase bitcoin mining hardware at competitive prices.

Giga's wholesale ASIC prices

While prices update in real-time, please contact us to confirm availability. Listed prices are exclusive of shipping and taxes.

Pricing plan comparison
MinerHash Rate$ / TH
Antminer S19 Pro110 TH$39.99
Antminer S19j Pro104 TH$35.99
Antminer S19j Pro100 TH$34.99
Antminer S19j Pro96 TH$33.09
Antminer S19j Pro92 TH$30.09
Antminer S19j Pro88 TH$28.09
Antminer S1995 TH$31.99
Antminer S1990 TH$26.99
Antminer S1986 TH$25.99
Antminer S1982 TH$29.09
Whatsminer M30s++110 TH$35.49
Whatsminer M30s++108 TH$34.99
Whatsminer M30s++106 TH$34.99
Whatsminer M30s+102 TH$31.99
Whatsminer M30s+100 TH$30.99
Whatsminer M30s92 TH$26.99
Whatsminer M30s90 TH$26.99
Whatsminer M30s88 TH$26.99
Whatsminer M30s86 TH$26.99